Mercantile Exchange
Of VietNam


  • Vision statement: To be a first - rate Commodity Exchange in Southeast Asia

    In order to develop with international economic integration, on September 1st, 2010, the Ministry of Industry & Trade granted licensed No. 4596/GP-BCT to establish the first Commodity Exchange in Vietnam - Mercantile Exchange of Vietnam. MXV was founded to satisfy the demand of trading commodities of producers, consumers, and investors; Ensure the rights and benefits of parties involved in the transaction; Provide modern payment methods. With the enthusiasm of founding shareholders who have experience in the field of finance, MXV will turn the field of the commodity in Vietnam into a new leaf, with the vision to become the best Commodity Exchange in the Southeast Asia region. With modern organization structure and operation in accordance with the standards of a Commodity Exchange, MXV is allowed to trade all kinds of commodities that Vietnam does not prohibit.

    MXV will focus on providing 4 types of products and other services related to future contracts, forwards, options and swaps. Our fundamental services are market data supplying, commodities brokerage, physical delivery, cargo inspection, clearing, investment advisory, trade finance, risk insurance.

  • Mission Statement: New launchers for Forwards Market in Vietnam.

    As the first organization to conduct large-scale and modern commodity trading, MXV has the mission to become the only and reputable intermediary gateway of Vietnam to the international commodity market.

    MXV believes that strengthening risk control and increasing the internationalization of Vietnam’s commodity trading market, promotes competitive advantages of agricultural products, raw materials and contributes to promoting the forward market in Vietnam.



    Developed through cooperation based on modern technology and suitable management methods to create breakthrough, stable and sustainable growth; Focusing on Vietnam’s main agricultural export products such as coffee, rubber, pepper, cashew nuts, corn, soybeans, etc. MXV will develop into other fields of commodities such as raw materials for factories: rubber, plastic resins, cotton, and Vietnam’s leading products such as rice, petrol, etc.

    - Investing synchronously and effectively in all aspects: Infrastructure; Technology; Committed service; Management process; Competent and Experienced personnel, etc.

    - Commitments:

    MXV expects to create a common “playground” for all investors, producers, small traders and farmers with the desire and commitment to develop Vietnam’s commodity trading market by strengthening internationalization.’

    MXV provides investors and farmers transaction prices as asymptotic to the world; therefore, there is no price squeezing as before and the manufacturers can be more proactive in business planning. MXV helps the commodity market achieve high liquidity; completing the functions of preventing risks, stabilizing prices and achieving tasks for the development of the country’s economy.

    MXV strives to become a professional Commodity Exchange, always at the forefront of all fields of commodities and services of international stature!

    Becoming a “bridge” between manufacturers, distributors and producers of Vietnam and the World through the global transactions.


    - Use technology as a foundation for future growth!

    - Transparent, Professional and Efficient!

    - Prestige in all transactions and partnerships!

    - Target:

    To become the best Commodity Exchange of Vietnam in all fields, especially agricultural products and raw materials - which is Vietnam’s export advantages!

    MXV equips “Vietnam’s database interconnected with the world” in order to create an environment of high liquidity and efficiency!

    Being the first organization to introduce a modern, international standard transaction method in the Vietnamese market.

    MXV takes the lead in developing technologies connecting Asia - Pacific region in 2021.

    Southeast Asia’s Leading Commodity Exchange by 2021.


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