Mercantile Exchange
Of VietNam

Software solution


Mercantile Exchange of Vietnam has been cooperating with both abroad and inland top-ranked technological partners in the field of international finance, to build up and guarantee a homogeneous, accurate and trustworthy technological system for every investor. 

MXV’s technological system directly linked to foreign commodities exchanges enables investors to utilize an orders-processing system with possibly-optimized speed, stable data transmission wire, and most practical trading platform, given international standards.

International commodities exchanges, for example, CME GROUP, ICE, LME, OSE, SGX, BMD are partners of MXV which possess E-trading technological infrastructure, allowing to process rapidly and correctly orders with large volume.

CQG is a long-lived international trading platform supplier, also being MXV’s main technological partner supplying trading services to almost all leading stocks and commodities exchanges across the world. Collaborating with CQG allows MXV to have the best data transmission line, directly integrated to all futures exchanges in partnership with MXV, and to keep investors in line with real-time price moves, that is, to restrict most trading-time lag.