Mercantile Exchange
Of VietNam

Low Sulphur Gasoil

  • ICE EU Low Sulphur gasoil

    Trading Screen Product Name

    ICE EU Low Sulphur gasoil

    Commodity Code


    Contract Size

    100 metric tons / lot

    Price Quotation

    USD / metric ton

    Trading Hours

    Monday - Friday
    07:00 A.M - 05:00 A.M (the next day)

    Minimum Price Fluctuation

    0.25 USD / metric ton

    Contract Series

    Up to 96 consecutive months

    First Notice Day

    As MXV required

    Last Trading Day

    Trading shall cease at 12:00 hours London Time, 2 business days prior to the 14th calendar day of the delivery month.


    As MXV required

    Position Limit

    As MXV required

    Settlement Method

    Not deliverable

    Quality Standards

    Standards are detailed below